Make a Royal Entrance

Be announced like royalty everywhere you go!

Add Joy to your day

A free way to make you and everyone around you smile, every day!

Be Treated Like Royalty

Experience the wonderful feeling of everyone around looking at you, smiling, and treating you like royalty. You deserve it!

Make the World a Better Place

You're gonna have the power to make hundreds of people smile every single day. Like, embarrass your kids in Target kind of power. Use it wisely.

Get MORE out of Your Daily Travels

You're taking YOUR time, spending YOUR loot, and deciding WHERE to go. So why not maximize your enjoyment when you get there?

Control Your Privacy

You are in complete control over what is announced. Update it regularly to keep things fresh and fun.

How It Works

Create a Profile

Connect your Facebook profile and add whatever you want about yourself; how you're feeling, your recent accomplishments, etc. Be silly with it, have some fun, or make it useful!

Choose a Location

When you're going out on even an ordinary average errand, choose the location you're heading to. They'll get a little heads up that you're coming.

Get Announced!

Walk through the door. The app signals that you've arrived, and you will be announced over the loudspeakers with Announcr's special magic. Everyone around will look up and smile, and you can bow, wave like the Queen, or Dab. Your call.
Ladies and Gentlemen! Today we have the honor of welcoming the Stark family! It's cold in their home in the North, and they haven't been here since last week!
Sample Announcr announcement
[Trumpets] Hear ye, hear ye, his majesty Dave has arrived with us, accompanied by the young princes Chase and Jack. They have been playing Fortnite all day and are finally coming out to run errands!
Sample Announcr announcement
Looook out everyone, it's Vanessa! She's the mistress of Powerpoint and lives in the city. She's looking for a new apartment and watch out boys, she's single!
Sample Announcr announcement