Location-Based Action Platform

Trigger customizable actions when people select, pass, arrive at, enter, or leave a location.


Take Some Action!

Make things happen when someone activates one of your location triggers... inside, outside, or far away!
Here are some actions which can be set up:

Text to Speech

Say something on the user's device or on location speakers. Many voices to choose from.

Sound Effects

Play special sound effects or music clips from an extensive sound library.

Custom Audio

Record a greeting or announcement to be played to the user or over location speakers.

Send a Text Message

Send a custom text message to the user, or to someone else

Send an Email

Fire off an email to the user or someone else

Make an API Call

Fire off an HTTP(S) GET/POST call to anywhere, even use a JSON payload. Including Zapier or IFTTT.

Track Metrics

Keep track of the user's trigger and actions over time to help you understand your relationship
Cloud Sync

Location Triggers

There are several types of triggers available for a location. Each has a variety of potential uses!
Here are the types and uses of the triggers:

Selection Trigger

When: Location is selected from a list in the Announcr app.
Use: Send special offers, measure intent, early order pickup/concierge preparation

Passing Trigger

When: User passes into range of your location.
Use: Neighborhood greetings, drive-by audio messages

Outside Trigger

When: User is in range of your location and slows down or stops.
Use: Outside arrival greetings, play a notification inside the location, concierge preparation

Inside Trigger

When: User is about to enter your location/is very close to your location.
Use: Inside arrival audio, lighting effects, IFTTT routines

Exit Trigger

When: User was at your location and has left.
Use: Send satisfaction survey, send special thanks audio

Highly Versatile

Adjustable Triggers

Fine-tune activation ranges and frequency/reset times to account for your location's special needs

Definable Filters

Filter a trigger action based on a user property or defined tag. Useful for creating different experiences based on your relationship with the user

Multiple Uses

Have fun with friends, set up neighborhood tours, blast arrival announcements over loud speakers, let the family know you're arrived


Want to Setup Some Locations?

Early Access starting in Q1 2021