House Searching

What will your house say?

Imagine your house could greet people... and they could send a friendly message back!
Create a brighter, cheerier, friendlier world!

Turn your house into a Talking House with Announcr!

Define a Location

Use the Mobile App to place a map point representing your Talking House and set its privacy. Want to hear messages sent to you? Set up speakers inside to play messages received from the outside.

Set up Audio Greetings

Decide what will be heard as people pass by your location. Will you do something funny? Friendly? Or uplifting? Use tags to greet people uniquely. Update anytime!

Read More about Actions

Feel the Joy!

When someone passes by your Talking House, they will hear your special greeting inside their car. If they have a return message, it will be automatically played over your speakers inside the house. (Subject to Do Not Disturb/Privacy settings)

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to grab the App and set up their own Talking Houses. Make it a neighborhood movement!

Join the Talking House Movement!

The platform will go into testing in Q1 2021. Sign up for early access!