Super Powers for your Business

Location-based Messaging to Delight your Customers

Get the power to:

Instantly announce specials or time-sensitive promotions

Announcr gives you the ability to send an instant notification to your customers and others in your local area. Right now you pay to advertise via Facebook, online, direct mail, signs, or newspaper inserts and hope it cuts through the noise in time. Or, if you have the time, skills, and money, you can cultivate a great social media presence and hope your customers are checking out your Facebook page regularly.

Create moments of delight for your customers

Announcr greets your customers by name when they arrive. Or, you could spend thousands on ambience, decoration, and sound design for your location, but the effect can be indirect and not very measurable. You could train your employees to be super friendly, but only the real standout personalities are going to be consistent and affect your customers in a positive way.

Prevent negative customer reviews

Announcr solicits feedback you can take action on, after your customer leaves. Otherwise, the majority of dissatisfied customers will simply never show up again. Some customers are extremely vocal, and will tell you on the spot. Others will leave your business a 1-star rating on Yelp or Facebook, or blast you publicly on Twitter, damaging your credibility and future business.

How do you find out what you don't know?

Many businesses try one or more of the following...

Hire a customer focus group!

A focus group study may yield some good insights, but it’s a snapshot of a moment in time, and probably isn’t composed of your real customers.

Hire a consultant!

With any luck you might get an expert opinion and an action item or two, but it’s not going to be from real customers, and will be highly subjective.

Do live surveys!

Hire someone to conduct exit surveys or call your customers, which might annoy your patrons, and could even prevent them from coming back.

Build and maintain an app!

This takes plenty of time, planning, and money only to stand a good chance of going where most business-specific apps go… to the Uninstall bucket!

Use a receipt-based survey solution!

Even after spending on incentives, follow-through is extremely low, skewed, and gives you little actionable information.

But there's a problem...

All of the above solutions are expensive, temporary, and incomplete.

Piecemeal services to address the problems above could easily add up to be well over $100,000.

Alternatively, you could hire an extremely skilled, well-trained employee to do some of the same things.

Or.. let Announcr change the game for your business today for as little as $49.99 per month.

Act on the data you want, and maintain complete control over how your business presents itself to customers.

Announcr will do these for you!

Through a powerful series of simple automated interactions

Identify your most valuable customers

Giving you a dedicated customer focus group you can use to consistently improve your business.

Notify customers of specials or promotions

Giving you a powerful inexpensive lever you can pull to drive business when you need it. Simply launch a promotion and your customers will get an instant notification!

Find out what you don't know

Find out things you don’t know and learn what’s missing from your product/service/menu.

Drive repeat business

Encourage repeat visits with future-dated promotions or reminders. Stay top-of-mind with your best customers.

Stand out from your competitors

Reinforce your competitive differentiation with personalized greetings, and give your customers a reason to choose you over a competitor

Address negative customer experiences

Discover and address previously silent customer problems before they become major headaches

Announcr provides a solution in an automated, unique, and innovative way!

Customers use a simple app which focuses on local businesses. For them, it provides value, delight, and utility. For you, it provides superb benefits and ROI.

First, we help you treat your customers like Royalty. We give them an instant “moment of delight” as soon as they roll up to your location. You can choose to enhance that moment with time-based, general, or targeted promotions. When they’ve left your location, you can send a personalized thanks, future-dated coupon, or even push a short form survey/question down to them. They can respond by hitting a button, typing an answer if appropriate, or recording their response in a voice message which is transcribed and sent to you.

Later, when you need to bring them back in, send out a promotion, which shows up as an App Notification on their phone!

How it Works

Outside Arrival

Customer arrives at the location and ANNOUNCR is activated. They receive a greeting on their phone, and any coupons or promotions you have queued up for them.

Inside Entry (Optional)

If you have the optional Inside Entry Plan, the customer walks through the door and the announcement is played over the loudspeakers and/or display near the entrance. The mood in the whole area is instantly, substantially lifted and commerce commences!

Follow Up

Send out a survey or promotion or just a genuine thank-you. Collect feedback right away, and don't wait for them to lookup website on receipts that just get thrown away.

Bring 'Em Back

If you're running a special, send out an instant notification to the customers and non-customers in your area. Track who opens it and who shows up.

Get Started

Customize your Outside Greeting

Your customer hears this on their mobile device when they roll up to your drive-thru or parking lot. It can be text-to-speech, or a custom dynamic voice greeting you record.

Hey! Welcome back Dave. This is Mike, the store manager. It's good to see you again. Today we have a brand new roasted chicken in the Hot Food section. See you inside!

Welcome to McDonald's. We're running smooth as silk today. As a valued customer, we are sending you a coupon right now for a free Chocolate Shake! Please take a minute to think about your order and we will see you at the ordering station in a minute.

Early Bird Pricing

Per-Location Prices



Outside Arrival Audio Greeting

$49/ mo
$41/ mo
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Admin App
  • Setup Assistance
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Track visitor trends and customer information

$79/ mo
$66/ mo
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Admin App
  • Setup Assistance
  • Trend Reports
  • Customer Data Export
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Inside Entry

Customer Entry Audio Announcement

$129/ mo
$83/ mo
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Admin App
  • Trend Reports
  • Customer Data Export
  • Send Promotions
  • Custom Surveys
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Inside Entry Setup

(Or use your own equipment)

$249/ location
$249/ location
  • ANNOUNCR Device
  • Speakers, Cables, Peripherals
  • Provisioning
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